We UVcare is Berson UV, Hanovia UV and Aquionics UV working together to protect the World’s water without using chemicals


City of Silverton, OR WWTP

City of Silverton
The City of Silverton is known as Oregon’s Garden City and sends one million gallons a day of treated effluent to the Oregon Gardens, returning the remainder to Silver Creek.

The treatment facility comprises several traditional wastewater treatment technologies including secondary treatment by activated sludge, clarification and disinfection by UV.

New InLine 16000+ UV Reactor

New InLine 16000+ UV Reactor

The nearby Oregon Gardens is a beautiful 80 acre botanical garden that uses the reclaimed water for its’ ‘Amazing Water Garden’, and wetlands. The wetlands formed by the reclaimed water, is a habitat for a variety of wildlife and plants. The water that enters the wetlands at a rate of 300 gallons per minute during the peak season, travels throughout the wetland ponds, and pools to a holding tank, where it is used to irrigate the rest of the gardens.

Original UV Units from 1999

Original UV Units
from 1999

New InLine 16000+ UV Reactor[/caption]

In 2018, the existing Aquionics UV systems, which had been installed in 1999, were replaced with a the latest UV systems, which offered modern controls, enhanced chemical cleaning and greater energy efficiency. Two InLine 16000+ UV disinfection systems were installed in the existing piping. Minimal modifications were required, enabling a fast and easy upgrade. Utilizing electronic lamp drivers, the new UV systems offer power turn down from 100% to 35% output, helping to optimize energy consumption. An Ultrawipe chemical assist cleaning mechanism enhances the standard mechanical cleaning by injecting a small amount of fresh acid on each quartz sleeve during the wiping process. By reducing the fouling on the quartz sleeves, this significantly reduces overall maintenance time and costs.

The InLine 160000+ UV system contains twelve medium pressure UV lamps and is designed to produce a 3-log reduction of E.Coli and achieve the discharge requirement of 23 fc/100 ml.

UV Design Parameters

  • Flow = 5 MGD/unit; 1 MGD Reuse
  • Total Suspended Solids < 30 mg/l
  • UV Transmittance > 50%
  • Dose = 40 mJ/cm2
  • Influent Count <126,000 E.Coli/100 ml
  • Effluent Discharge < 126 E.Coli/100 ml