PharmaLine D+DH

PharmaLine D+DH systems are aimed specifically at providing UV disinfection for pharmaceutical waters

Distinct from the PQ range the D ranges are a lower cost package used where third-party bioassay of performance and dose display is not required. Designed based on cGMP principles and aimed specifically at providing UV disinfection for pharmaceutical waters. When installed before pre-treatment filters, softeners, RO membranes or a distribution loop, the PharmaLine D will disinfect the water, reducing the bio-burden and lead to fewer CIP / SIP cycles, lowering operating costs. Each system comes with a UV sensor to measure the germicidal output of the UV system and make it easy to monitor and log performance. The systems all use low pressure lamps providing an energy efficient germicidal wavelength and long lamp life to reduce operating costs.

PharmaLine D DH SD

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Possible location of UV systems in a typical Pharmaceutical water system.