UV Lamp Manufacture

UV Lamp Manufacture

The ability to manufacture Medium UV lamps for our own systems makes us unique in the industry.

Manufacturing UV lamps since the company was created in 1924 gives us unrivalled 90 years’ experience in the research and development of UV lamps and systems for germicidal and photolysis applications.

Unique because we can optimise both the lamp technology and the system design for the application that it is intended for. Our insight into Lamp science, system design and application requirements translate into truly “Application Optimised UV” systems.

Medium Pressure UV Lamps v Low Pressure UV Lamps: You decide between high efficiency or compactness depending on your situation

Ultraviolet Lamps

1 Medium Pressure Lamp Output = 5 Low Pressure Lamps Output

There are two mainstream UVC lamp technologies used in Industrial and Municipal applications:

  1. Amalgam lamps offer a monochromatic (Single wavelength) output at 254nm to approximately 35% conversion of electricity to UVC. These lamps are efficient but their energy density is low which means they are relatively low power (100 to 800 W) and long. They are used when efficiency is key, but larger multi-lamp systems can be bulky and difficult to maintain.
  2. Medium Pressure lamps offer a polychromatic output across a wide spectrum. This can be useful to match the sensitivity of a target organism, but they have a lower energy efficiency (~15%). Conversely they are high powered (1kw to 24KW) and short which means you need less lamps in a smaller reactor.

These two lamp technologies offer a choice of reactor design which allows us to weigh the pros and cons of size and efficiency for a given application. As we supply both types of lamp we are uniquely placed to assess these competing characteristics to arrive at our “Application Optimised UV” solutions.


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Lamp Innovation:

Bringing together Hanovia, KIT, DVGW and IVL the ECO UV project funded under the EU Horizon 2020 program is designed to bring to market novel High efficiency lamps and a Mercury Free lamps. Click below to find out more:


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