PharmaLine PQ + PQH

PharmaLine PQ + PQH 3rd party bioassayed UV disinfection for purified water

Our PharmaLine PQ systems are aimed specifically at providing third party bioassayed UV disinfection for Purified Water Generation System Pre-treatment where sanitary design is not critical. By using a PQ UV system you can be certain that the UV dose being produced will disinfect the water, eliminate objectionable organisms, reduce the bio-burden, protect against bio-fouling, lead to fewer CIP / SIP cycles and lower operating costs. Each system comes with a certified dry UV sensor and UVGuard™ sensor window allowing easy checking of UV performance while the system continues to operate. The UV sensor measures the germicidal output of the UV system and a UV dose read out makes it easy to monitor and log performance. The systems all use low pressure amalgam lamps providing an energy efficient germicidal wavelength, long lamp life to reduce operating costs and can be easily installed to existing processes. The control system also has the ability to take flow and transmittance meter inputs and calculate the UV dose based on real time operating conditions.

In addition to all the PQ features our Pharmaline PQH models are Hygienic units designed for use after the generation package in the storage and distribution system. Also third party bioassayed these units incorporate Triclamp fitting, a crevice free design and have a 0.38 micron electro polished internal finish.

PharmaLine PQ PQH

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Possible location of UV systems in a typical Pharmaceutical water system.