Our History and Our Journey


Originally established as the British Hanovia Quartz Lamp Company in 1924 in Slough, UK, Hanovia has been at the forefront in development of Ultra Violet (UV) technology since its inception, from the core lamp technology through to the complete systems.

Since the late 1970’s when we joined the Halma group of companies we have been focussed on the disinfection of fluids with UV light and we are proud to boast the first US Drinking water installation and the first UK swimming pool installation amongst our many milestones.

With many thousands of UV systems operating world-wide our reputation is based upon the reliability of the systems we produce with many still in operation 20+ years after their installation.

Since 2010 Hanovia has focussed on industrial applications and we can count many of the world’s best known brand names amongst our customers, providing them with the same level of service wherever in the world their operations are based.

We believe that there is no such thing as an industrial sector, but there is a Pharmaceutical sector, Food & Beverage sector, a Marine Sector etc. So we developed “Application Optimised UV” branded and designed to be fit for purpose for each of the sectors.

Our applications also increased as we added DeChlorination, De-Ozonation and the removal of Chlorine Dioxide to our portfolio, not to mention Sugar syrup disinfection.

We also embraced Third Party Validations and introduced our PQ ( Performance Qualified) product to provide customers with peace of mind and brand protection in critical disinfection applications where certainty of performance is essential.

From our inception we have manufactured Medium Pressure lamps for our own systems. As of 2018 we are now manufacturing Amalgam lamps for our own systems. A steps which makes us truly technology neutral, so you can be sure that we can choose the best technology for you without any technology bias.


Located in Nuenen, Netherlands, Berson has been designing and manufacturing ultraviolet (UV) disinfection systems for municipal drinking water and wastewater treatment plants since our founding in 1972. With many thousands of installations we’ve been providing UV systems with a reputation for technical innovation, quality and service. We Invented the “Inline” reactor (chamber) concept in 1995. Our sweet spot is recognised as treatment for small to mid-sized communities.

Berson’s UV systems are validated in accordance with the most stringent third party environmental protection agencies, including DVGW, USEPA, JWRC, NWRI and NSF.

With a range of Medium pressure and Amalgam products we have focussed exclusively on the Municipal sector since 2010. As a result we have a deep understanding of what’s required for Drinking water, Waste water and Reuse applications allowing us to package our solutions as “Application Optimised UV” under the ProLine brand name, whether you are addressing EColi, Cryptosporidium or Adeno Virus. Berson has been a Halma company since 1986.


Located in Charlotte, NC, Aquionics began operation in 1983 as the North American sales, marketing and service arm of Slough UK based Hanovia. Shortly after that in 1986, Aquionics incorporated the UV products from Berson.

Since the beginning our charter was to provide reliable, effective, science based UV systems for our customers in the Municipal, Industrial and Aquatics markets based on those product ranges. We have invested substantial time and money on 3rd party validations and industry specific applications so that our customers can sleep well at night knowing their UV system will work the first time and every time.

We have dedicated sales and application teams to handle our Industrial, Municipal and Aquatics segments along with our Field Engineering, Project Management and Aftermarket Sales organization to ensure your process continues to be safe and reliable.

Since the merger of the three companies Aquionics is now responsible for both North and South America.


Hanovia, Berson and Aquionics are part of Halma, a global group of life-saving technology companies. Halma is listed on the FTSE 100 and has companies all over the world which provide innovative solutions to many of the key problems facing the world today, from water security to preventable blindness. Halma’s purpose is to grow a safer, cleaner, healthier future for everyone, every day.