Industrial UV For Different Markets

Whether your business is industrial or municipal,  we enable you to meet your market challenges in the best possible way. We offer innovative products and future-oriented solutions specific to your application and we call it our Application Optimized UV solutions.

Application Optimised UV solutions

Industrial UV disinfection applications are very diverse and can be found in the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry, at water parks and swimming pools, in fish farms, ships, etc. The municipal UV disinfection applications consist of installations for drinking water, waste water and water reuse. 

In addition to UV disinfection technology, we also develop UV technology for dechlorination and ozone reduction, so that ozone or chlorine are no longer harmful to filters and membranes in an industrial process.

Our commitment to your market or industry

We know your market

We speak your language. And we use our expertise to find the best possible solution for your application and market’s requirements.

Application Optimised UV products and solutions

We manufacture both our UV systems and our UV lamps, which enables us to optimized and align the efficiency of the two, for the application it is intended for. We offer a range of application-specific solutions and technical expertise in our product portfolio.

Global reach, with local support

With our global reach and regional sales and service hubs, we support our customers close to site, from (digital) technical support to on-site delivery and service.

A validated and reliable partner

Both global players and customers with a more national or regional focus rely on us. To protect their (process) water against  bacteria, viruses, spores and moulds, we offer a range of third party validated and bio-assayed UV disinfections systems, without the use chemicals. 

Select your sector and application from the list below.

Industrial Food + Beverage UV Systems

Our PureLine range of Food and Beverage UV Solutions is applied to disinfection applications like process water, ingredient water, CIP, syrup and brine. Particularly suited to applications where chemical disinfection is not appropriate.

Industrial UV for Pharmaceuticals and Health

Our PharmaLine range of Pharmaceutical sector UV solutions protects your products and processes from harmful contamination against bacteria, viruses and chlorine.

Industrial Pools + Leisure UV

Our UV Swim and SwimLine ranges have been providing bather protection in the leisure industry for over 30 years. Used as secondary disinfection and removal of chloromines it is the ideal UV solution for pools, waterparks and spas.

UV for Aquaculture

The need for a chemical free disinfection process to control fish diseases and manage environmental impact has never been higher. Our RASLine range of Aquaculture UV solutions does just that.

UV for Drinking Water

Our ProLine PQ range of Drinking Water UV solutions have been protecting people from harmful contamination from bacteria and viruses for decades. UV protects against pathogens such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia.

UV for Waste Water

With increasing urbanisation and water stress the need for tertiary treatment and disinfection of waste water is growing. Our ProLine WW range is an ideal UV solution for this.

UV for Reuse Water

Our ProLine PQ WW range of Waste Water Reuse UV solutions treat and disinfect waste water to enable safe and secure recovery of waste water for use as irrigation water, aquifer recharge or for direct reuse as process water in industry.

Other Sectors

UV can be used in any industry where water is used as an ingredient, as a feedwater, for cooling or washing. Its applications include Disinfection, Dechlorination and removal of TOC. Industries where we have experience include: Semiconductor & Microelectronics, Oil & Gas, Refining and Power Generation.

UV for Marine

Our MarineLine range of UV solutions are used in 3 key areas: Ballast Water Treatment (BWT), drinking water disinfection and black water disinfection.