MarineLine Application Optimised UV for Marine

UV for Marine

UV for Marine

Our MarineLine range of UV solutions for shipboard applications are used in 3 key areas:

  • Ballast Water Treatment
  • Drinking Water Disinfection
  • Black water disinfection after activated sludge treatment and prior to discharge

The MarineLine range protects your passengers and crew, and the environment from harmful contamination from bacteria and viruses without resorting to chemicals.

Each product in the MarineLine range is Application Optimised to deliver protection in a package which:

  • Has Proven Performance.
  • Is Energy efficient.
  • Integrates seamlessly into your process with compact and corrosion resistant designs.

Choose your product from the list below:

Ballast Water

Our Ballast water treatment solution has been designed in partnership with Wartsila, one of the world’s largest marine services companies. Combined with filtration the Aquarius UV system is available exclusively from Wartsila.

Drinking Water

All our MarineLine PQ drinking water systems are USEPA or DVGW validated as pathogen barriers. Choose from:

Typically applied after Reverse Osmosis or a Water Maker the MarineLine product delivers potable water safety. The MarineLine PQ IL may also be applied as part of the pre-treatment package to reduce the bioburden on Reverse Osmosis membranes, extending their life and reducing cleaning frequency, available with Super Duplex wetted parts for such applications.

Black Water Disinfection

Strict environmental controls on shipping World-wide means an ever increasing requirement to ensure any discharges from vessels are safe from harmful pathogens and do not contaminate the local marine ecosystem. Applied after conventional sewage treatment plants or Membrane Bio Reactors you can choose from:

The NWRI validation ensures treatment can be guaranteed to meet the stringent regulatory controls applied in coastal waters. The PQ IL is available with Super Duplex wetted parts for seawater flushed toilet systems requiring greater corrosion resistance.